Loctite® Power Grab® Industrial Construction Adhesive is a single-component, off-white, heavy duty, high strength, construction grade adhesive for interior and exterior repairs or building projects.

Loctite Power-Grab All-Purpose Construction Adhesive is a premium quality, high strength, gap-filling adhesive. This construction adhesive has nine times the tack or instant grab compared to other latex construction adhesives on the market today. This extremely high tack adhesive eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs. The adhesive has a very low odor, and requires only soap and water to clean up. This makes it safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

  • Bonds to most construction materials, such as metal, ceramic, wood, concrete and most plastics
  • One surface must be porous
  • Features
  • Fast set time
  • Wood bonding
  • Water resistant
  • Shock & impact resistant
  • Apply to vertical surfaces
  • Sandable & paintable finish

Code: LPG